Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make Up review/Fashion Diary/Outing. Tired post =.=

This iz the 1st Make up review I had.
Reasons: 1)Lazy. 2)Me make up noobie.
So Just do this for FUN!
It's also my "once in a decade" applying eye shadow!
Reasons: It's troublesome. It is not obvious, doesn't do much for the overall make up. I easily make my eyes look like just being beaten up. (0__0)
But yeah. I'm doing it, purely for fun. LOL. Still not willing to apply the eyeliner.
Hell yeah it's so troublesome to apply, and to REMOVE!!!
I almost looks like a nanny whose eyes are full with wrinkle(After rubbing so hard to get rid of the black liquid)
while I trying so hard to remove the stupid eyeliner
and yet, I still look like a panda.

This is what we called: Without MAKE Up. A real one. Not those still with "Enlargement Lens"on punya cheat-without-make-up-photo. But got touch up abit la. Else later u heart attack. Frightened. LOL.

So today, I'm using my usual foundation powder + blusher + Lipstick + mascara(rare guest too) + My new FAV eyebrow mascara.
Left: Kate eyeshadow, Kiss me Mascara, Eyebrow Mascara, Lip and Cheek Tint,Fasio Make up remover.         Below:I-enhancer Contact lens.
Today main lead is, TADA!
Eyebrow mascara.
I instantly fall in love with the it after the first try with Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara.
So I bought this little cute thing from Naris Up, Brows Up eyebrow Mascara, From Taiwan!
I get the lightest shade because I wanna create the Japanese Gyaru Feel~ Hoho.
And it's not easy to apply. 
I'm not sure whether is my skill problem or...
I hardly can apply it on my "eyebrow", I applied on my "skin" instead!
So you can see that my eyebrow is not totally bleached. T_T


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Blog Title, New me

I come up with this new blog title 
after coming back from first day of my baptism camp.
The camp inspired me about this new title.
Since I always wanted to be a pianist, I can be a pianist when I'm in heaven too.
Imagine how beautiful will that be...
Surrounding with angels and holy voices ...
I'm going to lead a new life, with Jesus.
I'm going to reborn and become a new person.
Old Jiayi has gone.
New Jiayi is going to lead a spiritual and fruitfulness new life.
Walking with God.
No more pain, no more struggle, no more hatred. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Converse Warehouse Sale

I saw this banner about the Converse warehouse sales somewhere near my neighbourhood,
I immediately grab my cell group member to this warehouse sales!

Arrived @ 7.50pm on the 1st day.
We were startled looking at the big crowd in front of the warehouse!
I wonder why there are so many peoples are wandering outside.


Then I found out that NOBODY is allowed to entering ANYMORE?!
It's because that they will be closing the shop @ 9pm and currently there're around 200,300 peoples inside. LOL!