Saturday, December 25, 2010

Could you be more helpful?

Could you be more helpful on ruining my xmas mood?

I gave you time, I gave you chances, because I thought you could work something out?
Sometimes I wish you could just shut up instead of spouting some bullshit that didn't helping at all.
You're just being silly and childish all the time.

What's the purpose of keep telling me the things that you couldn't do and being upset about it?
Am I not upset enough?

Why can't you be more mature and say something useful to me to make me feel better, when I miss you.
When I wish to receive some reply from you, what you said made me regret instantly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I cookED! Lolx

Yea, I prepare a not-too-grand-but-not-too-bad dinner for my family...
I don't why such a sudden, I just wanna Cook Lor...
Don't ask me why.
And those who knows me, *Cough cough*
I'm not really good at cooking...
Tikam here n there...
Pour this here add this there~
But no worry, no Bad Record YET.
hehehe. As in, my food still edible lar~

Still not too bad right?
~Proud of myself ~ ehehehe

Friday, December 10, 2010

Interesting blogger

Xiaxue n Cheesie.
I guess lotsa young girls know these 2 famous blogger right?

Recently I just keep reading their blog... (Perhaps I'm really too free ... n BORED lol)
Ok la, I admit I'm outdated.

One of the reason that I'm a follower of their blogs, is the Frequent Updates,
to KILL my BOREDOM! ~( ̄3 ̄)~
There's lesser n lesser things that I can find to do when I'm facing my lappy.
Aiks... Emo sial. I used to stick with my lappy 20 hours per day.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rainbow 彩虹

Chapter 1

It has been ages since I saw a rainbow
A real rainbow, in the sky.


Tears was rolling in my eyes.
Rainbow symbolize peace and harmony.
Sunny day come after a big rain.
Is God telling me that
"Be brave, overcome the obstacle, and good things will come along"?

Be strong Jiayi!

Chapter 2

Ok lar, dedicate to those busy friends of mine. lol.

Chapter 3 Random updates
Regular injuries. Car lock accident, considered as quite serious case among all. lolx.

Super rare picture!

-The end-

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Super Barbie Nudy Series


After a long time, I decided to purchase another brand of Korea contact lens...
Finally I got my Super Barbie Nudy Black! It was out of stock every where last few months...

Nah... Here's the result...

*Please ignore my one big one small eyes ><''' *

Well, the first time experience is not that pleasant... Aiks
The second i put on it, I already feel the uneasiness in my eyes.
And the vision got blocked a little by the pattern of the lens.

*messy hair*

The lens is 16mm(BIG) and it's a bit hard to adjust it to fit my pupil perfectly ... LOL
And my vision got blur and dry sometimes, My eyes are kinda sensitive one =P
My eyes turn red after 5 hours of wearing... ><

*Without make up ohoho*

Overall the effect is quite natural, consider it's a 16mm black lens...
Hopefully my 2nd experience will be better... =)

Quote of the day: When I get bored with the common topic we had, Or maybe we just don't have common topic.